Mark Wade Artworks

Mark Wade is an artist whose work employs a variety of media to focus on the complex dialogue between humanity and the landscape. His art is a reflection of the beauty and fragility of the natural world, and the ways in which we interact with it.

"Round Up" 2023, photograph on metal

Mixed Media

From the "Sioux Falls" series
This ongoing work is the manifestation of a dream the artist once had about cultures colliding and the ensuing violence during the settlement of the West.


From the "Signs and Symbols" series
These drawings of charcoal and paint on paper describe the inherent conflict as we struggle to find meaning in chaos.


The oil paintings on aluminum are aerial-based images responding to the environmental effects on the surface of the landscape.


From the "Long Division" series
Divisions from circuits to borders are the focus of this series which employ copper, wood, aluminum, lead among other materials.


The artist's photography addresses the troubling yet beautiful impact of industrialization on the landscape.

About Mark Wade

Mark Wade is currently based in Houston, Texas. He earned a BFA from University of Kansas and an MFA from Florida State University. His work has appeared in multiple galleries and museums throughout the country and currently resides in both private and public spaces.

Photo: Ray Bowie

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